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Our services are used by attorneys, individuals, colleges, universities, professional organizations and U.S. Government agencies.

We are trusted

With an enviable reputation built over many years of providing highly qualified, credible and fair evaluations. Universal Evaluations has been retained by quite a few top-notch multi-national and trans-national companies across continents.
Universal Evaluations is included on the evaluation service lists distributed by immigration attorneys, public service and other licensing agencies.

At Universal Evaluations, we achieve our mission through our Credentials Evaluation Service and our continuous learning process of the world's constantly changing educational system. Our evaluators are actively engaged in international education research projects, keeping abreast of changes in educational systems. Our Credentials Evaluation Service provides assistance in interpreting the educational backgrounds of people who have studied outside the U.S. and who need statements of U.S. educational equivalencies. Our multinational and multilingual team of evaluators has many years of training and experience in international education. Universal Evaluations approaches the evaluation of foreign educational credentials with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the varied structures of both the U.S. and foreign educational systems.

Looking for fair: Credential Evaluation Services, Request for Evidence, and more?

Our Expertise

Staff Qualifications and Experience: Our staff is comprised of highly qualified and experienced evaluators/researchers/ professionals in the Research, Education, Foreign Education, and Immigration etc. Evaluator assistants and client service representatives. They have published articles made presentations, served on committees and have written numerous evaluations and opinions.

Technology: Universal Evaluations utilizes the most advanced technology to maintain a robust electronic database on international educational systems, to exchange information with professional contacts worldwide (e.g., academic institutions, professional organizations, etc.) and to disseminate information on educational systems within the international community.

Client Service: Our team of highly skilled and experienced evaluators, evaluator assistants and client service representatives are on hand to answer your questions about international credentials evaluation.

Client Speak

We use Universal Evaluations for our Immigration and Green Card related Petitions. The company always turns around with speed and is very accurate in their descriptions and evaluations. Great to work with and very competitive in their prices. Would always recommend their services.

We have been using the services of Universal Evaluations for the past few years. Universal is simply great at producing quality results at an affordable pricing and in a timely fashion. Universal Evaluations Company functions with all right success factors - great results, terrific customer service, ease of use, affordability, and timelineness. In emergency cases where we are working on a tight schedule, we always count on Universal to get the job done. We wish Universal team continued success.

Our Firm has worked with many foreign education evaluators in the past and we are very pleased to be working with Universal Evaluations now. We especially appreciate the extremely fast turnaround times and the promptness in which its staff contacts us if anything is missing or needed. Universal Evaluation's rates are also very attractive. They are truly an important partner to us and the work we do.

The services rendered by Universal Evaluations were incredible. They were very prompt, professional, and took extreme care in ensuring that our evaluation needs were met to the best extent possible. Customer service was exemplary! Need not ask for a more dedicated & willing group of individuals working for us to achieve our goals. Their low price guarantee is for real, no gimmicks or hidden costs. The value is superb.

We have the best experience in dealing with Universal Evaluations for getting various credential evaluations done through them. Following points stand out in their services: Immediate, response and action for all credential evaluation cases, has built our confidence in them as a reliable source, in helping us with timely submissions of the H-1 B petitions; They work in very systematic way and have visited our office during H-1 B season, to discuss and make our staff understand the accepatable way of documenting for the purpose of evaluation. This helps build the work flow to and fro;

We have been utilizing their services for availing Credential evaluation for the purpose of H-1 B filing and also expert opinion whenever required. Also we have discussed and taken opinion in various cases of Green card filing, as to equivalence of education. Their services have been par excellence.


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